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Synnergy develops, finances, and manages solar projects for schools and other municipally owned entities. Drawing on the depth of its own experienced professionals as well as that of its strategic partners, Synnergy oversees every aspect of a project from start to finish. 


Strategic partnerships with Cambria Solar and Salmon Ventures ensure we deliver best in class procurement and regulatory services.  


Our full-service approach blends technology, financing, and service expertise in order to maximize energy savings for our clients. We meet specific needs with a custom approach, but the product is always the same – savings with zero cost.


The principals at Synnergy have decades of successful business experience in insurance, procurement, leasing, banking, and commercial real estate development in the Delaware Valley area – which has created hundreds of millions of dollars of rateables and thousands of jobs in our region between 1980 and the present. 


Synnergy's combination of skills ensures our clients receive a complete, turnkey means to reduce operating costs and pocket savings immediately by virtue of cleaner energy.

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