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Why Solar?

Solar is our most abundant renewable source of energy. The sun provides more energy in one hour than the world consumes in one year. In addition, the harnessing of solar energy emits no pollution, either in the form of carbon or noise. The benefits of solar are numerous and far-reaching, and we are eager to invest in this industry to create a brighter future for our clients, our economy, and our environment. 


Unlike fossil fuels, solar does not contribute air pollutants and greenhouse gases to pollution and global warming. Additionally, solar does not require the mining and destruction of large tracts of land or the need to restore the same at enormous cost.


While fossil fuels are finite and expensive with respect to levels of supply, energy from the sun is unlimited and free. When the right technology and financial incentives can be aligned, solar reduces energy bills as well as our nation's dependence on foreign oil. 


Energy from the sun is free, but the capital and know-how required to build a feasible system is not –unless you have the right, full-service developer. Synnergy oversees every aspect of a solar project from start to finish to ensure a zero cost, turn-key process for our clients. 

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