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Our company is focused on clean energy projects, primarily the turnkey development of solar installations for municipal facilities due to their uniquely heavy energy consumption. All development costs from start to finish are borne by Synnergy. Our clients have no financial obligation at any time of development, from analysis through implementation. Since there is no investment by the client, the return on investment is infinite. 


A power purchase agreement with us typically reduces annual electric costs by approximately 30%. For a town of 30,000 people, this translates to approximately $100,000 per year in savings to taxpayers; and for the environment, a savings of approximately 480 metric tons of carbon dioxide. 


Our comprehensive approach to solar development includes: 


  • Feasibility Study

  • Design & Engineering

  • Analysis of State & Federal Incentives

  • Permits & Fees

  • Interconnection Application

  • Construction

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • PPA Proposal

  • Operations & Maintenance

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